For many who have not done or even considered temporary/contract work assignments, they may wonder, “Why would I want to take a contract job? After all, isn’t permanent employment better for me and my career path?” In truth, there are a number of great benefits to being a temporary employee. With a positive outlook and work ethic, being contract can actually offer you a chance to broaden your network of contacts and open up your career path to amazing opportunities.


  1. Getting into a company that is on your top ten list of organizations to work for – a company that may be difficult to be hired into or may not be doing any direct hiring at the moment.
  2. Adding new skills, knowledge and software experience to your resume, which make you more desireable for future jobs – permanent or temporary.
  3. Focusing on your professionalism and not getting caught up in company politics and gossip.
  4. Taking the perspective that while the company may be trying you out as a potential employee, you are also testing the company out as a possible employer.
  5. Building your resume with very well-known companies, thereby creating more value for future employment.
  6. Most importantly, being able to benefit from immediate income rather than having gaps of unemployment and no cash flow.

Ultimately if all efforts align, the outcome of working in a contract assignment is the opportunity to become a permanent employee. Now you’re in the driver’s seat – you can decide whether you want to accept and negotiate your current position or move on to another wonderful contract experience. The choice is yours!

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