“FGD understands staffing needs, carefully listens to job requirements, and screens applicants to make the recruiting process as efficient as possible.  They work with a good pool of candidates and focus on a good long-term fit, not just a quick placement. Their post-placement follow-up helps both the employer and employee get off to a good working relationship. Three words that sum up FGD Finance are ethical, professional, and responsive.”       

Robert C.

“What I like most about FGD Finance is their personal attention and integrity.  I never have any doubt that FGD is looking out for my best interests.  They have done a better job of matching candidates to the open positions, with their attention being more on finding an appropriate fit than merely “closing” the deal.”   

Rob D.

“FGD has been providing contract SOX auditors for our company for many years and have consistently delivered excellent candidates. Mark has managed our relationship from the get go and we have developed a very strong working relationship. Consistency of the FGD team has allowed them to get to know our company and its players well.  They understand our needs and really partner with us in assessing the pros and cons of candidates relative to the needs of the assignment and fit with company culture. Their rates are very competitive relative to larger staffing agencies.”      

Thad P.

“I have been most impressed with the FGD Finance team.  I’ve consistently seen that there is a real desire to deliver for both the clients and candidates.  I know that Mark and Bijal will provide me with the facts so I can make an informed decision, and they are there to discuss the pros and cons. They look out for the client and the candidate equally, working to get the best fit for both. I believe their approach to business, assessing the needs of the client and then working to find the bet candidate, increases the likelihood of a good outcome. I think this is where FGD Finance adds a lot of value and is what sets FGD Finance apart from other firms.”          

Mike A.

“FGD Finance takes time to really match the people they send to the position needed.  Not only is the position description review prior to sending candidates, but things like the personality of the supervisor is discussed.  If they do not have a good fit on their current short list, they go out and find someone that would be a good fit.  Then they only send those candidates that meet our criteria.  This is true for temporary help as well as permanent openings.  This saves a lot of our time and is greatly appreciated.”       
Janice W.