“I have had the pleasure of working with FGD Finance on both the consulting side as well as the client side.  When I was contacted by them several years ago on a potential project I realized quickly that they were very different than other recruiters that I had dealt with in the past.  The honesty, integrity and hard work is what makes them great recruiters.  There is a reason that I have recommended FGD to several clients as well as other consultants. They take a very detailed  approach of assessing the needs of the client and then working to find the best candidate.  I think this is where FGD Finance adds a lot of value and is what sets FGD Finance apart from other firms.”

David B.

“I have had the pleasure of working with FGD Finance for many years. They helped me with several job searches, during which they showed the highest degree of integrity, skill, insight, and perseverance.  I know that FGD Finance works in the best interest of both the company recruiting talent as well as the professional seeking a new opportunity.  I believe this quality is truly rare in the world of professional recruitment and extremely beneficial in the long-run for the clients.  I am impressed with the highest level of professionalism and honestly.”

Gayle S.

“As a senior consultant with FGD, I have worked with Bijal for nearly three years. He is both client and consultant focused in his approach to staffing. He always ensures that the consultant and client are a good fit with all his engagements. Personally I have found that he acts in good faith and with a high level of integrity. He is committed to building on-going relationships with his clients and his consultants.”

Patrick C.

“FGD Finance placed me is several positions over the years. They were able to get me an interview for a position even though the hiring manager had told  them he was finishing with the interviews. They provide great support once you are placed. They returns calls promptly and are accommodating when personal issues arise. I would highly recommend to contact FGD Finance if you are looking for Accounting or Finance opportunities.”

John P.

“I first met the team at FGD Finance almost a decade ago when I was starting out. One of the recruiters told me my resume looked “horrible”. The advice was well received because it was the first time I got honest feedback from a recruiter. With some pointers, my job status went from not having any to turning down many favorable offers. Five years later FGD Finance presented me with a great high-growth opportunity and they got me the job. Thank you FGD Finance for everything!”

Khang D.

“The team at FGD Finance is very accessible and easy to talk to.  Being a smaller firm without a bunch of layers compared to the national firms, they can move things along much more efficiently and quickly.  FGD is more engaged with consultants after work has begun at clients than other firms I have worked for.  They do their best to look after the consultant and the clients best interests.”

Gary H.