So, you got the interview? Well, here are simple tips to remember:

Do Your Homework

Before the interview, thoroughly study the potential employer’s website and any relevant publicly released information. Think about examples of previous work experience that would be applicable to the position you are interviewing. Rehearse ahead of time your responses to potential questions.

Take a Breath

When being asked questions, take time to appropriately address the specific question, making sure to focus the response so that the hiring manager sees that you can think and process in a concise manner. Use this interviewing opportunity to communicate your potential and key strengths.

Demonstrate Your Dependability

Be professional, pleasant, friendly, and convey your incredible dependability. Explain previous examples of how you have worked independently and within a team environment with great success.

Be Inquisitive

Ask questions, not only about the job, but also about the team and the organizational structure. Inquire about the company culture and ask for an example of an employee that has really shined at the company. Maybe you can learn about the skills and traits the company values from the response to the mentioned question.