Effective financial leadership is essential for a company’s overall profitability and success. A good leader leads by example, inspiring and encouraging his or her team to complete work accurately, on time and within budget. To help advance your own financial career, consider learning from and applying the following qualities of effective leadership:


    1. Be a Champion of Change
      As it’s said, change is inevitable and in response to it, the best leaders know how to assess a situation, determine a course of action and adjust their management plan and style in the face of progress. When change happens, contribute to thought leadership and offer ideas or solutions to facilitate forward momentum. And be thorough and firm about decisions that are made; don’t waver or make decisions without having a full understanding of the situation at hand.


  1. Master Communications
    The best communicators are advocates for open, constructive two-way communications between team members, conveying information through verbal and written interactions. Like them, listen and follow-through appropriately for collaborative ideation and problem resolution.

  2. Think Strategically
    To be strategic, you’ll need to do these things well:
    Have a vision for a new opportunity that supports the company mission
    Evaluate the opportunity for its viability
    Determine the resources you’ll need to develop a plan
    Present your idea to your manager and follow the chain of command for approval
    Execute on your plan
    Analyze the outcome to demonstrate the success of your effort

  3. Inspire Others
    “If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.” (John Quincy Adams, our country’s sixth president.) With your experience and knowledge, you can become a resource of information for your fellow team members; the person they turn to when they need additional input and  guidance.

  4. Trust Your Team
    Trust is an important attribute of leadership. With it, top leaders realize faster results and deeper work relationships that can lead to a stronger bottom line. And trust works both ways – just as leaders need employees’ trust, it’s equally as important for them to trust themselves and their teams. When trust is universal, it brings about commitment, determination and loyalty.

Whether you are currently a leader or aspire to become one in the future, the qualities provided above can help any financial manager make a lasting and productive impression with team members, peers and other company executives. The best work environment to cultivate leadership is one in which employees are challenged, valued and rewarded.



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