You’re searching for a new job, you’re an introvert and you can’t imagine networking…

If you’re more comfortable keeping your thoughts to yourself, being private about your feelings and moods, and not needing to impress others in social settings, chances are that the idea of networking isn’t extremely appealing to you. However, so much of what we read or hear these days is that if you want to make an impression on a hiring manager or capture someone’s attention in the hiring process, you have a better chance for the desired position by networking your way into the company. How can you do this if, by nature, you are an introvert? In truth, anyone can network – you just have to strategize, put your mind to it and set a plan that is convenient to your personality traits.

As an introvert, here are a few ideas that might help make networking easier for you:

  1. Find a recruiter who specializes in your field of interest and meet (in person or via a video conference application such as Skype or FaceTime) to discuss your background and what you expect in your next job opportunity (including salary and career advancement). Having a recruiter on your side helps alleviate the pressure of having to network on your own because they act as your agent, networking on your behalf within their own established channels.
  2. On reputable online job boards and social job networks (i.e. LinkedIn), add or update your information, skills and experiences. In doing so, you are letting others know, primarily recruiters and actively seeking hiring managers, that you are looking for your next career move. If you’ve got what they want, they may seek your out without you having to be overly pushy, aggressive or communicative.
  3. Ask friends and family who are close to you for advice in finding a new job. Perhaps they are more extroverted and can offer connections to their network of professional colleagues, introducing you to the right people and setting up the process of networking in a way that is more natural and less intimidating to you.

Networking doesn’t have to be daunting. You can be successful if you remember that there are ways to do it that don’t require you to change your personality and become someone you are not. You can definitely network…just do it your way.

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