You strive hard in your career to prove yourself. You’ve met important business deadlines, streamlined processes, and made recommendations to management on cost-cutting measures. Perhaps you’re wondering what other ways can I help myself to excel on the job and make a difference; a difference that enables me to stand out and be viewed as someone who is promotable?

Here are do’s and don’ts on keeping a positive attitude in the office; an attitude that can help you achieve your career goals:

DO be punctual and DON’T disregard your commitments
As our work environment seems to have drifted towards being somewhat less formal, punctuality is still very important.  Being on time is critical as it demonstrates a respect for others and their time.

DO give attention to the office culture and dress appropriately and DON’Tneglect your appearance
Like it or not, fitting in matters. Be aware of the office culture and follow the lead set by executive and upper management. Based on the environment, dress for your success.

DO cultivate relationships and DON’T isolate yourself from others
There’s a time to keep your head down and focus on your work and there’s a time to form and manage relationships with co-workers. Strike a good balance in your work activities to be productive and collaborative.

DO take initiative and DON’T push yourself too hard
Be determined, take steps to make things happen, and don’t wait for opportunities to magically appear. In the process, don’t push yourself too hard that you lose sight of your objectives.

DO achieve a work/life balance and DON’T bring personal matters into the office
Focus on your work while in the office and if you must deal with personal matters in your work day, be honest with your manager and take the time you need to resolve them.

DO remember your own happiness and DON’T compromise your values
You spend approximately a third (or more) of your work days concentrated on work and chances are great that the time includes a level of stress that could reach unhealthy levels. While on the job, stop to reflect on what in your career makes you happy and what doesn’t, and then set a plan to continue your route or change it if the path you’re on isn’t taking you in the direction you’d like to go.

The bottom line is while we spend most of our waking moments during the work day concentrating on our responsibilities, tasks and deadlines, we must focus on the activities we can control and for those that we can’t, set contingency plans. Basically, just doing the best we can every day is a great accomplishment in itself so…DO be confident in yourself and DON’T be your own worst critic!

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