You took great care to write a cover letter and develop a resume that represents the best of your accounting and finance skills, experience and accomplishments. Then, you get the call. Ecstatic, you begin preparing for the next step in the job search process that provides you the chance to speak out and shine – the interview.

At this point, you may start wondering about the questions that could be asked and how you’d respond. There are typical questions like “Can you explain the gap(s) of unemployment?”, “How do you handle pressure when you have multiple projects and inflexible deadlines?” or “How comfortable are you presenting to executive leadership?”. These are usual questions that a skilled performer like you can effortlessly respond to because of your experience and knowledge; but what if you’re asked questions that are challenging and appear to come out of left field?

First, don’t stress. If the interviewer asks you a question or two that seems to test your IQ instead of your job knowledge, keep in mind that there is a purpose. These questions are intentional and help reveal a candidate’s capability to think and solve problems creatively. After all, there are times when thinking “outside of the box” offers a new perspective that a company can benefit from. If an interviewer poses an unconventional question, don’t respond with “I don’t know.” Remain poised and take a moment to think about what’s being asked. Request more information and ask your own questions to help devise your response, and be honest when answering as thoroughly as you can.

Don’t allow challenging questions to be intimidating and throw you off your course. Be prepared for the unexpected, stay calm, sincere and in control to help set you apart from other candidates. After the interview, send a thank-you email or note within a few days. Your follow-through is professional etiquette that employers appreciate.

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