Own the room the moment you walk in.

Even though we’ve been told through life that what matters about a person is what’s inside, we all know that in most cases, a great first impression counts, too. If you’re seeking a new job, a promotion or raise, or are just looking to impress your manager, remember that in addition to imparting your wisdom and knowledge, you should also lead with your leadership presence. How do you do that? Begin with determining your leadership style.

Leadership Styles
Start building your leadership presence by determining the kind of leader you are or want to be; and when I say want to be, make sure that your leadership style is conducive with your own personality and character traits. There are different leadership styles that abound in the workplace – here are a few – which one are you?

The Coach
In sports, coaches train, teach, and direct the actions of others. In the workplace, leaders who manage like a coach motivate team members by rallying them together and driving their efforts. They would know the strengths of each performer and place him or her in the position that best matches abilities to successful outcomes. In situations of urgency, coaches understand the playing field and make immediate decisions for top-down direction and team compliance. After a project, they may even debrief the team to help prepare them for future endeavors.

The Inspirational Leader
Charismatic by nature, inspirational leaders influence others through the power of personality. Their words and actions enlighten and encourage others to move forward. They are passionate about their work and inspire others to be as passionate about their ambitions. If an inspirational leader observes team members aren’t driven enough or lack interest, they try to help them find the work that best suits them.

The Innovator
Innovative leadership believes in dreaming big and taking on challenges, even if they may appear impossible, to achieve their goals. Innovators are visionaries who have a complete understanding and command of their field. They can see opportunities and go beyond the usual course of action to achieve, applying out-of-the-box thinking to solve problems, streamline, offer ideas and develop new ways to work. They are calculated risk-takers who refuse to believe that failures get in the way of progress.

The Enabler

This type of leader trusts his or her team members completely and allows them to be a part of the decision-making. Although they are well aware of what is happening, they entrust that others are doing their jobs. They may not seem to be involved but they are because they regularly monitor each member’s performance and frequently give input and feedback. Enablers ensure that the team is comprised of responsible and highly skilled and experienced individuals. Each team member must earn the trust of an enabling leader but once it’s established, autonomy can lead to the team’s job satisfaction and productivity.

Effective and true leadership requires a combination of the leader’s personality, substance and style. How professionals present themselves is tied to the type of leaders they are or strive to be. In honing your leadership presence, first determine the leader you are and then support that visually through appearance, expressions and body language. You can affect what others think without saying a word.


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