Most business professionals use Microsoft Word in their daily work activities. From developing reports, creating a summary of notes, or simply producing a letter, Word is a world-class application, designed to offer a robust set of functionalities that facilitate the formation of the ‘perfect’ business document. In general, the program for basic word processing is easy to use, and as you mouseover and click on menu options, you may see a number of key combinations that offer shortcuts to help make the development of a document quick and efficient. In addition to Ctrl and C for copy, Ctrl and X for cut, and Ctrl and V for paste, provided below are additional common tricks used to help you save time in using Word – do you know of any of these? (By the way, the shortcuts below apply to Windows-based computers but the majority of these Microsoft Word shortcuts can be performed on a Mac by substituting the Command key for the Ctrl key.)

Create a new document
While in a current document, press Ctrl and N together

Bold or italicized text
Select text to bold and press Ctrl and B
Select text to italicize and press Ctrl and I

Justify text (left, center, right) – use:
Ctrl and L for left
Ctrl and E for center
Ctrl and R for right

Change case from lower to capitalized text and back, or change a phrase into title case (capitalizing the first letter of each word)
Press the Shift key and F3 together

Determining line spacing
Ctrl and 1 changes existing spacing in a paragraph (or entire doc, if you highlight it) to single-line
Ctrl and 5 reverts current spacing to 1.5 line spacing
Ctrl and 2 reverts line spacing to double

Find and replace text in document
Ctrl and F
finds a word or phrase
Ctrl and H replaces text and specific formatting

Various forms of text highlighting
A word, double-click anywhere in the word
A sentence, press Ctrl and click once anywhere in the sentence
A paragraph, click three times anywhere in the paragraph
The whole document, hit Ctrl and A

Undo a command or input (and return to the previous state of text)
Press the Ctrl and Z

For additional Word shortcuts and resources, we encourage you to access free tutorials, webinars, training videos and more on Microsoft’s website.

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