Lately, it feels as if the soccer games being played before the world have become more exciting and enthralling than ever before. Once where there appeared to be an invisible barrier that separated our national and international attention to the sport (except for every few years when the Olympics were being played out), there is now a sense of globalization. What can we learn from the tenacity and dedication of the world teams and soccer players that could benefit our own career goals? Read on for our strategies:

Practice improves skill and builds expertise
Everyone begins as a ‘rookie’ in their career. Yet through practice, skills are honed and knowledge is acquired. According to the great soccer player, Pele, “Everything is practice.” Apply this wisdom in your life to continuously grow in your career and become a world-class player in your profession.

Focus on what you can control (and ask others for help on what you can’t control)
Soccer players understand the positions they play, and they know the moves they must make to control the ball and when they would need the help of their fellow team members when the ball is beyond their reach. In your career, focus and execute well on the activities that you know you can manage. And for other activities or events that are beyond your control, know when and from whom you’ll need to ask for an ‘assist’’; then work together to accomplish what must be done.

Shake off mistakes and failures
Every successful athlete has made mistakes and failed in a game; and to stay in play, he/she must recover and continue moving forward. When you falter, don’t be hard on yourself – frankly, you don’t have time for that. First, acknowledge and address your mistakes; second, find ways to move past them; and third, learn from them.

Feel good about your achievements
No matter how large or small your accomplishment, it’s okay to stop and soak in the “win”, even if it’s in a moment of solitude. Feeling good about yourself builds confidence. But don’t ‘grandstand’…as in sports, it’s frowned upon to be too arrogant.

Be a great team member to others
It’s said, “There is no ‘I’ in team”. You cannot do all the work yourself. Know there are others you can rely on to contribute. Just as you expect the best of yourself, help others to bring out the best in them; and they will do the same for you.

We hope that you’re enjoying the world games, and the team you’re rooting for prevails!


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