When interviewing for a job opportunity, remember that although you may be a bundle of nerves, it’s important to take a breath, slow your racing thoughts, and relax. Next, tell yourself to stop from wanting to impress the interviewer with too much information too soon. Instead, simply stay calm and take every opportunity you can to…listen.

Ever heard the sayings “you have two ears and one mouth for a reason” or “you need to listen twice as much as you talk”? This can be invaluable advice as you get ready for an interview. The following are some pointers on effective listening that not only can help you get your next best job but can contribute to other areas of life.

BE ATTENTIVE – Face the interviewer directly, maintain eye contact and focus on words being said.

TAKE NOTES – Bring a notebook to jot down certain words of interest to help you determine questions to ask later.

DON’T INTERRUPT – Interrupting the hiring manager usually means you want to impose your perspective. Stay calm and keep in mind that you will get your chance to share.

WAIT FOR THE SPEAKER – Listen carefully for the interviewer to complete their remarks and thoughts. Wait for a pause before you speak.

KEEP AN OPEN MIND BUT STAY ON POINT – Try to understand the manager’s perspective and relate your thoughts that are relevant to the discussion. Answer questions directly and don’t depart from the topic.

BE AWARE OF NON-VERBAL CUES – notice the interviewer’s body language or intonation in their voice, and react respectfully and accordingly.

Certainly there is a need to talk and communicate effectively in an interview. When it’s your turn to speak, try to ask specific questions and frame any subsequent remarks to support your viewpoint. Don’t talk too much and take a discussion off-topic as it can result in you being scratched from consideration.  Bottom line is don’t pull up the verbal dump truck on the hiring manager.  Listen, listen, and listen – then speak and explain why you are perfectly qualified for the open position.

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